SEPAN Brochure


SEPAN’s vision is to promote sustainable energy development in  Nigeria and ultimately be a major player in the global renewable industry.


Our Mission is to provide leadership in the renewable energy sector by promoting evidence based progression.

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SEPAN will be governed by the Board of Trustees, headed by a Director General, and other Directorates, with Research and Administrative support staff. National Advisory Board made up of knowledgeable and well experienced people in the sector will also be constituted.


The Organization will adopt five main methods and approaches for its operations:

Responsive and Proactive Research: Responsive and proactive research in renewable energy and allied research to extend frontiers of knowledge as well as provide evidence for informed policy making. SEPAN will address the sustainable energy questions whose solutions can generate lessons and insights across the country;

Facilitating Links and Dialogue: Facilitating links and dialogue between policy makers and key stakeholders including private sector and civil society. This is to enhance Nigeria’s capabilities for design and implementation of sustainable energy programmes;

 Conveying Expert Forums: Conveying expert forums on key sustainable energy questions; it may be monthly, quarterly or annual depending on the issues of the moment. The annual Nigeria Alternative Energy Expo will be adopted and improved upon as SEPAN’s Annual General Conference for the gathering of members, policy makers, manufacturers, investors, consumers, and civil society alike to brainstorm for best practices in clean, affordable and equitable energy sufficiency in the sector.   

 National and International Networking and Collaboration. SEPAN will seek to enter lasting collaboration and networking with Nigerian, Pan African and International Institutions underpinned to solve common sustainable energy challenges through the supply of research evidence for policies;

 Consulting Services for Policy and Institutional Reforms, Training and Capacity Building: Training consultancies (courses, seminars, workshops) to clients based on SEPAN’s core capabilities and competencies. Training/capacity building for registered members will also be organised on a quarterly basis and will focus on conceptual, methodological and analytical questions underlying SEPAN’s research challenges.