Membership Benefits


Current members of SEPAN include leading players of the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency sector, including project developers, EPC companies, manufacturers, off-grid product solar product manufacturers, financing institutions and consulting firms.

SEPAN provides the much needed representation to the Nigerian Energy sector at an international platform. SEPAN has influenced policymaking.

Influence : Get involved in better policy decisions and influence national and state policy makers and regulators by voicing your concerns with SEPAN.

Network:   With leading solar energy companies as members of SEPAN, you will develop effective business network through our frequent seminars and meetings

VISIBILITY: Through our member directory, get better visibility. Customers increasingly cite us as a source of lead for their queries.

Informatic:Get a single window access to vast information on sustainable energy through our frequent members-only alerts related to tenders, policy, technology, markets or regulations.

Discounts: Get discounts on important industry seminars and expos, in addition to huge discounts on events organised by SEPAN.

Media:  Submit press releases to us to be noticed by mainstream as well as sector specific media.

SEPAN provides the much-needed representation to the Nigeria Sustainable energy sector at an international platform. Within a year of formation SEPAN has influenced policymaking

Membership benefits     

  1. Peer learning and capacity building Programme for registered members with a focus on conceptual, methodology and analytical questions underlying SEPAN’s research challenges.
  2. Building skills and motivating members to attract research funding and consultancies
  3. Conferences and Networking (National and International) and getting closer to key policy and industry players in sustainable energy sector.
  4. Promotes and enhance the welfare of members.
  5. Institution membership will further attract benefit from our proactive engagement with the federal government into ensuring that renewable energy is mainstream investment supported by feed-in- tariff as is obtainable in other climes.
  6. Mentorship Programme for all categories of members
  7. Automatic membership of at least two departments of SEPAN but must be active as well
  8. Voting right during our annual general meetings (AGM) with the exception of students.
  9. Accessing Green Energy Financed.